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We are very much concern with safety in our design

  • We always keep in our mind the value of people’s lives and properties , such that our direction is towards most safety reliable system . If necessary and required, we make recommendations or advice during the conceptual stage of any building or structure whether at its design stage or during construction . Fire resilient materials , appropriate building layouts for easy evacuation during fire situations , smoke diversion , etc., are but few mentioned technical information we can share with our clients . The design of the building electrical system is foremost and that we see to it that all circuit breakers and fuse ratings including wiring sizes and other electrical parts are selected or sized properly according to latest internationally accepted standards .
  • Human comfort is also one of our main concern :
  • Special attention is given to operating conditions inside air conditioned spaces and people’s working areas and the quality of fresh air supplied to them .
  • Part of human comfort , we incorporate also in the design the acoustics of equipment and the resulting environment .
  • Reliable and long lasting equipment life.